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Saturday, 19 August 2006
Why Getting Off Isnt Bad!!!!
Mood:  a-ok

First let me start this with pleasuring yourself is a great thing, some guys dont know how to please, or maybe a dry spell, handle your business. Its natural, people need to know their bodies. Let me give you an example of my skills:)

Okay, well today I was in the shower, my my shower head, which I have given the name of Mr. Greatness, needed to do his magic on me. So I placed the water on pulse, put it right where my clit is and went to town, it took not even 3 minutes before I was completely satisfied.

People need to understand, its not nasty, its fun. Try it, you'll love it, thats all I have to say about that!

Posted by monique151802 at 1:22 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 27 June 2006
Its Been A Long Time, So Something Good
Its Been A Long Time, Something Good 6/27/2006

I havent wrote in here in forever trying to do my webpage so I figured I would give ya'll something good so here it goes.

I went out this past weekend to celebrate with my friend, she made e5, its a military thing. So I am out with a bunch of military people. Of course I am drunk out of submission and I am getting horner by the minute. So I noticed that she invited Tony. Tony is a very distant memory. Someone I use to mess with about t5 months ago, yes he was a boy toy. We had a very good understanding that was you break me off when I need it, no questions, no answers. Just come in and get naked. We kind of broke things off, well at least I did, about maybe three months ago when I found Mike, who by the way was also at the party. So I am still drinking and I can barely stand now and it is coming very apparent that he is watching me and I am watching him.

He looks so darn good. That clean cut, blue eyes, thing that he does so well. What can I say I have a thing for blue eyed boys. So he comes over to me and we started dancing. I take my leg and place it on his shoulder, then he whipered to me, "Damn, I forgot that you were this flexible. I miss that. I couldnt find a girl like you after we broke up, I miss every part if you, the way you smell, the way you move and especially the way that you do this."

He started kissing me on the dance floor and of course Mike got really jealous. So Tony and I are making out and then I feel someone pulling me, I turn around only to see Mike standing behind me, he turns me completely around and starts to rub up and down my body. Feeling every curve, every move of the beat of me. Then he pushes me close to him and starts to kiss me. The thought of this only happened in my dreams, two guys fighting over me, it was so hott!!! So now they are pulling me back and forth, but I was really starting to get tired of this. So I got off the dance floor and went to the table with everyone else.

"Precious, what the hell was that?"

"I have no clue, I was out there dancing with Tony and then all of the sudden, Mike comes out there and he's putting his tongue down my throat."

We look over at the bar and she Tony and Mike talking. It was weird, They were actually mad that I wasnt going to pick one of them. Then they came back over to the table and it was weird that they came straight for me. Mike says,

"Precious, look, its something that we cant get over, choose one."

"Okay, fine, you want me to choose, I'll choose!"

I grabbed both of them and had this wild passionate three way kiss with them.  They were so into it. Like the choice was fine with them. It was fine with me cause now I had two boy toys on reserve.  After about 20 minutes of making out with both of them, of course separately now, Mike said that he as gonna leave. I got a text about 20 minutes later. It was from Mike.

"Precious, I want you tonight. Come over after your finished, I promise you wont regret it."

I was like right, like I am really gonna go over there. And of course I was still drinking, I needed a ride home. So I went over to Tony and I was like,

"Tony do you think that you can take me home tonight?"

"If thats what you want, I'll take you home."

So he drags me out the club, and were going back towards his house. I knew what time it was, we hadnt had sex in so long, I wonder if it was still good. I was about to find out though.

We get in front of his house and we just start going at it like crazy. He picks me up and carries me into his house. We get inside and he rips off my clothes and starts sucking my breast. I start stroking him, he was already huge and it was now known that it was about to be the best drunk sex ever.  We did a 69 and then he entered inside me with everything that he had. I felt every inch of him, it was amazing. I loved it. Well everything after that was somewhat a blur but I woke up and he took me home the next day. I didnt say much, he said everything. Of course after he made me breakfast in bed:).

He keeps calling me, I wont answer. I figure, I'll always see him thursday, its my birthday, . Later!!!

Posted by monique151802 at 3:15 AM EDT
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Sunday, 18 June 2006
Sexin You!!!! A Small, Short Story 6/18/2006

Okay, it all started yesterday with a kiss. It was something that was simple, but it was sweet. I walked over to my couch and he followed me. He sat beside me and held my hand as we watched a movie, something new, on the t.v. he started messing with my hair, slightly brushing his hand against me. I trembled with delite known that he wanted me but I wasnt going to let me have me that easily, so I played sleep. Then he looked at me and I felt it. Like he knew that I was important, that I was his only one. He kissed me softly on my neck, I moaned and he started to kiss my ears. I couldnt take it anymore. I went with the mood of the moment. Fourplay is amazing. It lets you feel everything without feeling anything. So I went into a trace for a minute until he whispered in my ear, lets go into the bedroom. He took my hand and we walked to the bedroom. We stood at the bed and he undressed me slowly and then layed me on the bed, kissing my body in all the right places. He entered me and we made love slowly, I came five times that night, he came once, inside of me. Later, we kissed until the sun came up, as he whispered one more time, I love you and I need you in my life. Then I woke up, my dream man left and I was alone again, I know, Im a tease:)

Posted by monique151802 at 11:03 PM EDT
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My First Sex Story 5/12/2006

So I was waiting for you to come home, and you were late as usual, but I never minded. I wanted to please you and you please me. Wanting you to please me like never before. Then thats when I heard you come in, I was so ready for you. "Hey baby I want to play a game, will you play with me?"

"What do you want to play, and what do I have to do?"

"I want you to beg, beg to make me yours, beg to touch me, while I put on the one thing that turns you on the most."

"Baby did you buy them, the nylons? How sexy.."

"Dont speak until spoken to, now do you want me?"

"Yes, I do"

"I want you to turn me on, play with my spots, make me hot."

Thats when it started, the estacy of the way that you sex me up, the thing that I missed when you were off to sea. You started by brushing my face so softly, making love to my emotions. Then you kissed me softly on my lips, making you way slowly down to my neck, kissing my ears on your way down.

"Is this to your liking my goddess?"

"Dont stop, your not through yet."

Then thats whe I pulled out the whipped cream and the strawberries. Your favorite. I put one right in the crack of my chest, where you happily took pleasure of me. Then you took the whipped cream and put it on my chest and my belly button. Making my body shiver with the touch of the cold from it all. Only to have you enjoy me like I was your favorite desert. You went all the way down you endulge yourself, putting a strawberry in my vagina only to eat it out, slowly taking your time, paying close attention to my clit, making me cum over and over again.

"Can I suck on your feet now my goddess?"

"You have earned you right, go ahead, but make it good."

Thats when you put whipped cream on my toes, slowly licking it off, enjoying the feel of the nylons that you loved so much. But I had to please you, I couldnt let you have all the fun. So I flipped you onto th couch, while I took pleasure in your nice stiff dick, placing an ice cube on the roof of my mouth and letting my tongue ring slide up and down on your shaft, you never could take that type of pleasure long. You let out the biggest moan that night as you came inside my mouth, I swallowed it like you loved for me to do.

"Can you handle some hot sex with me now baby?"

"As you wish my goddess."

I brought out my handcuffs and my blindfold and put them on you. I loved to tease you. I slowly placed myself on the head of your dick as I played with it with the muscles of my walls, only to slam down you hard that it almost made you jump off the bed. You enjoy it when Im rough, and so do I. I rode you making my way with you. Scratching up your chest and fucking you like crazy until I felt you exploed inside of me, still riding you feeling your dick pulsate inside of my sugary walls. That always drove you crazy, until I knew that I had every drop.

" So let me ask you something honey?"

"Whats that my goddess?"

"Wanna go again?"

So what did ya'll think? Hope ya'll liked it

Posted by monique151802 at 12:58 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 14 June 2006
True Sex Story-The Worse Night Ever 6/14/2006
True Sex Story-The Worse Night Ever 6/14/2006
Lets start this from the first text that I received from Mike and you'll understand why everything is like it is.

"Hey what you doing?"

"Im just sitting here relaxing, hanging out with my girl, whats up?"

"Was thinking about you, hanging out with my sister-in-law, wish I was with you"

"Why would you wanna be with me? That type of relationship with us ended a long time ago. What is it that you want Mike?"

"I dont want our relationship to be over, at least we are friends, right? Cant I just check on a friend to see how she is doing? What do you not want to be my friend anymore?"

"I didnt say that. Its just that things are complicated. I wanted to be with you, you didnt want a relationship, so I let you go. You wanted just sex, I wanted you to be with me. I fell for you and you didnt consider my feelings at all. I think that was very mean and selfish of you. Cant you see where that leaves me?"

"I never knew that you felt like that. I mean, I thought that we were just having fun, I didnt know that it was that serious. In fact we were friends first before we ever started fooling around. So I thought that was what we were doing."

"Mike can we not go into this right now? I dont want to go there with you. I liked you but we can be friends. I think that I can live with that. So what is it that you were thinking about me for?"

"We need to talk in person, can you meet me at my house? I promise we wont do anything that you dont want to do, but I really need to talk to you and it is serious."

"Okay Mike, I'll see you in lets say about a hour. I have to get dressed."

"Okay see you then."

The whole time I was getting dressed I was wondering what this could be about. Why did Mike want to see me? What is it that was so important that he couldnt talk to me over a text?

So I get in my car, drive all the way to virginia beach to go to his house. When I get there, the whole apartment complex is so quite, so peaceful. I make it up the stairs to see Mike looking all worried and kind of upset.

"Hey Mike, whats up? Why the look on your face?"

"I just didnt remember you looking that beautiful before. Come in, lets talk."

So I walked in and his apartment looked like he actually took time to clean up. It was completely weird. So I walked over and sat down on the couch, I looked into his baby blue eyes and it was like I was hooked again all over. I was falling for everything that I remembered about him. His eyes, his touch, his kiss, how he talked to me, and how we made love. It all came back

"Precious I dont know how to say this but is it true? Did you really love me?"

"Why would you ask me that, I said I liked you, alot, not love. Who did you hear that from?"

"Sondra, my sister-in-law, she accidently told me. Precious if its true, then this changes everything. I need to know."

Before I knew it, I was sitting on his couch, making out with him. Enjoying every bit of how he tasted. Loving to be back in his arms. Even though I knew that it was wrong, something about it had to be right. So we walked to the room, kissing all the way there. Unbuckling and pulling off clothing, feeling each other, then at that moment, I fell on his bed. I looked at him, he was looking at me and we just went at it. I have to be in control, so I got on top of him, riding him, kissing him, caressing him. He was enjoying my breast, like it was his last meal. I was enjoy every bit of it. But as fast as it started, it was over. I was left with the unsatifying feeling, I know that you know what I am talking about. We sat there and cuddled, I fell asleep in his arms. I woke up and he was looking at me.

"What Mike?"

"Your pretty even when you sleep. You make the cutest little moaning sound, its soo cute."

He was brushing my face, looking at me. I leaned up to kiss him, cause I am really short. And I had started up a whole new chapter for our sex. We were back at it again. I climbed back on top, riding him, making love to him. It was something about Mike that I knew I couldnt resist. My wild animal urges came into play and I just kept going and going. I wasnt worried about anything. I came 3 times, he finally came like a hour later. I got off of him, and smiled at him. We both went back to sleep. I woke up that morning feeling really guilty. I had to get out of there.

"Mike wake up, I gotta go."

"Do you have to?"

"Yes I do, come walk me to the door."

"Okay, let me get up."

So we slowly started making our way to the door, our night of pure lust and sexual desire was over. I was happy it was, then he asked the question that I didnt need to hear at that time.

"Precious, you never answer my question last night, do you love me?"

"Well Mike, I guess thats one of those things that you have to figure out on your own."

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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Thursday, 8 June 2006
Was I The Best? 6/8/2006
I cant help but to think of random things while I am having sex, its like my mind wonders and I am no longer there, I am in a fictional state of mind. Okay I am gonna play out my sex last night and let everyone know whats gonna on, "Hey baby, whats up?"

"Nothing, just sitting here watching soap operas, whats new?"

"I wanna see you, now!"

"Okay I think that can be arranged, come on over."

So my baby takes about 30 minutes to go to my house, I have put on the sexiest outfit that I owned and I waited for him. Then I heard a loud and fast knock on the door, that cant be anyone but my baby. So I ran down the stairs and answered the door.

"Hey baby, how are..."

Before I could get the rest of my sentence out, he had me laying on ths stairs, kissing me passionately. It was amazing, but it was kind of all over the place. I like that though, very spontaneous. So I was lifting up kissing him back when he picked me up and carried me up the stairs. We were still kissing and I loved every bit of it. Then he place me down so I could walk to the bedroom. We were throwing our clothes all over the place. I was taking off his clothes and he was taking off mines. There was straight passion in our eyes, like we just wanted to rip off each others clothes.

"I missed you today, you look beautiful today."

"And you dont look to bad yourself honey."

"I want you so bad."

"Then have me then."

Then he started to suck on my neck and ears, which really turns me on. I was scratching his back and he was sucking harder. He slowly took his time, travel with his toungue and mouth down my body. I was moaning in delite, wondering was he going to do my favorite all time thing, devour me, and he so did. He was sucking me so hard that I came about 4 times, then he slid into me, with a strong thrust. I let out this huge moan, as if to let him know that he was doing all the right things. Then he started to make love to me. Pounding me, loving me, but my mind was not there, wanna know what I was thinking? I was thinking, I wonder what it would be like to sky dive? Now I know that I should have been paying attention but I couldnt, I was just somewhere else. Before I knew it, he came, hard, inside of me. And I was left feeling somewhat unsatisfied. But its okay, what can you do?

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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Sunday, 4 June 2006
Drunk Sex 6/4/2006
So last night, I was alittle messed up. I got some bad news ealier in the day and I called a friend to go out with me to get a drink or two. It turned out to be about 15 maybe 20 drinks and we still had to get home. So she drove me and on the way my boyfriend called.

"Hey baby, whats up? What have you been up to on your off day?"

"I've been out with a friend, drinking and having fun. Trying not to pass out."

"Are you too drunk to see me tonight?"

"Never too drunk to see you baby, I'll be by there in a few."

So she dropped me off at my house and I got in my car and drove to go pick him up and take him to my house.

"Wow, your fucked up, huh?"

"Yeah I guess I am, I drunk alittle too much and I feel alittle loopy. But Im good."

"So wanna watch a movie?"

"No, I dont."

"So what do you wanna do?"

"That doesnt take a genius to know that one. I want you to make love to me until the sun comes up"

He started slowly undressing me, slide off my dress and exposing my silky skin. He softly kissed my skin, paying attention to every inch of my body like he was studying for an exam on me. It was like my whole body was tingling and it felt amazing. I couldnt take it anymore, I pushed him on the bed and climbed on top of him. I slid my way onto him, hearing him moan with enjoyment. Beginning to ride him and make love to him. Wanting to ride until he came inside of me. But neither one of us could come. So, he flipped me on the bed and got on top. He loves to be in charge. I like it too. He was kissing my earlobes and my neck, loving the taste of me. I was screaming in excitement, screaming his name. Then after three hours, he couldnt take it anymore, he came inside of me. I felt him, it was so exciting, then he went down on me until I came hard. I came inside his mouth, he loved the taste of me, I loved when he swallowed.

Minutes later, I fell asleep in his arms, I was so comfortable. I woke up in his arms, him looking at me, smiling.

"You sleep as beautiful as you taste."

What could you possibly say to that?:)

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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Friday, 2 June 2006
Give It To Me!!!! 6/2/2006

So today, I got off early and my boyfriend asked me to come and pick him up so that we could hang out and have fun. I am all of alot of fun. So I went to pick him and and we went back to my place.

"Baby I missed you sooo much, I've been thinking about all the things that we have been doing lately and you have me all twisted up, I was missing your smile, your touch, your kiss, your body. I just want you near me, I cant stand to think that I have to be without you for more than one hour in the day."

Now for most women, we would think that it was a load of crap, but I was really eating it up. Plus I wanted him, I needed him.

"Look hon., if this is some elaborate plot to get me to have sex with you, you already had me when you said hello, so I tell you what, come over here, unbuckle those pants, and lets have the time of our lives. "

"No its more than that, I need you with me. I need to feel you and I want you to feel me. I tell you what, if I can give you what you need right now, then marry me, I can make you happy forever."

"Okay deal"

So I began to unbuckle his pants, and I started to give him the most amazing blow job that he had ever had. That's when he took my waist and spinned me around to lay me on the bed.

"Baby I am gonna make you need me"

That when he lifted up my skirt and started to lick my clit. Not only lick it, but it was like he was inside of me. Touching my uttermost spots that no one had ever touch before. Then he stuck his toungue inside of me the twirled it inside of me. I went into a state of bliss. My toes were curling into the bed, my nails were in his back, and it was like I had lost control. Then he came up and kissed on my earlobs, and whispered in my ear,

"I want you to just sit there and do nothing, dont move, just let me do all the work and enjoy me. I love you"

"I love you, too."

It was getting so intense, I felt the tension, I felt the heat. He took his hand and wrap my hair in his hands, and started to pull. I had an instant organism. I could feel his heartbeat, it was so strong, so fast. He started going faster and faster, every stroke just more than the last. Feeling his hard penis bounce inside of me, it was so crazy. We never had sex like this before, I tried to participate, but everytime I did he would say,

" Baby just sit back and enjoy the ride, I want you to let me do all the work."

I kept cummin, it was like a fountain by this time, and for some odd reason he kept telling me he loved me. Then that's when it happened, after 3 long passionate hours of stroking and cummin for me, he whispered to me,

"Baby I am about to cum, just cum with me."

"Okay, whatever you want."

He exploded inside of me like a volcano, it was something else. At that moment, I knew that it wasnt just sex anymore, he really did want me, the weird part of it all was I wanted him too. He got down on his knee and said the words that I wasnt ready for before that day,

" You are the love of my life, the woman of my dreams, marry me and make me the happiest man alive."

Well of course my answer was yes, and I must say, the sex after that was better than that time, but thats another story from now:)

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 31 May 2006
Sex With Strings Attached!! 5/31/2006

Now everyone likes kinky sex every once in awhile, but this one is crazy. I have been one the explore in the past and I love to try new things, it makes me feel complete. So I went over to sex my boy toy and he was like, "wanna try something new?"

"Sure whats up?"

"I got somthing that will make you think alot differently about sex, everything that you loved before you will hate and thing things you hated you will love, it makes you think about coming outside the box, are you game?"

"You know my motto, I am willing to try anything once, twice if I like it. So what is it?"

"I am gonna make love to yor mind, and then I am gonna fuck your body, and afterwards, I want you to hang from that."

I looked up and it was this swing that was attached to the cilling. It kind of looked like it was bungie cords attached to it.

"What the hell is that?!?!?!?! You want me to hang from that? You must be crazy!"

"No, it takes a special type of person to be able to open up and free your mind."

"Okay, if you think that it will help with me cummin, then I guess I can do that."

So first we started with some mediatation, which I thought was really weird. But then I started the shake and it felt like my whole body was being touched by a million fingers. I felt every brush of a hand and his hands were still on mines.

"Your ready, I can feel you."

"Yes Im.."

Before I could say anything, he grabbed me and started kissing me, it was insane, I could feel him all over me. I couldnt believe that he made me feel that good by doing nothing. I kept feeling him playing with my nipples and kissing me, but he wasnt doing any of that, it was like there was five people making love to me. Not a word was spoken but I felt what he was saying, I couldnt even moan, it was like my mouth was permantely closed, and I liked it. I felt myself cummin, and cummin. I think I came four times just back to back while he was making love to me and wanting me to do the one thing I never did, give up my heart. Then I felt his heartbeating, it was so fast, so electric. And then thats when he came.

"Did you feel me?"

"Yes, I did."

"Get ready cause its not over yet."

Then he put me in the swing and put on this soft relaxing music. I kept cummin, it was like I couldnt control myself, it was amazing.

"Are you there yet?"

I barely heard him, it was like I was completely centered.

"Yes I am."

Then he started sucking on my toes and thats when the big one came. When I came to, he had taken me out the swing and was looking at me with his big blue eyes.

"Do you see it now?"

I couldnt answer that question, I still cant, but for once he was right. For once I freed my mind

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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Friday, 26 May 2006
Locked Up!:) 5/26/2006

"Hey baby, how was your day, want to try something new?"

I was puzzed for a minute, cause he has always been the plain joe, normal type.

"What did you have in mind?"

"Go in the bedroom and wait for me, I have something special for you."

So I ran into the bedroom, getting extremely horney thinking about what he can do to me. What he could possibly be up to.

"Okay honey here I come, close your eyes and get ready, cause this you just wont believe."

So I closed my eyes, only to feel something cold against my wrist.

"Baby what are you doing?"

"Okay open them, I want for you to get to total experience."

I opened my eyes to see handcuffs on my wrist, and another pair in his hands.

"Whats that for?"

"Its for you, for your feet, get ready baby, Im gonna make you feel really good."

He began to put the cuffs on my feet, and got off the bed only to return with a whip and blindfold.

"I want for you to beg for me not to turn away and leave you like this, make me want you."

"Baby please, dont leave me alone, make love to me."

"No, tonight, we are not making love, we are having rough ass kinky sex and I am you master, you will do what I tell you to do. Now I am gonna put this blindfold on your eyes and you are gonna follow instructions after that, understand?

"Yes master, I understand."

So he puts the blindfold on me and I heard him walk away. When he finally came back, He poured something hot on me only to lick it off, taking his time so that it tingled with every touch that he gave me. It was so unlike him, so exciting.

"Put this in your mouth and suck on it."

"yes master, whatever you say."

When I realized that it was his dick, I went to town, enjoy every piece of him, making sure not to miss a thing. Then he pulled it out.

"I didnt tell you to make me cum, did I?"

"No master, you didnt."

I felt this hit against me skin, I imagine it was the whip, it turned me on, I loved it.

"Im so sorry, I wont do it again."

"You better not! Now I am gonna fuck you until Im threw with you and your gonna enjoy it, understand?"

"Yes master, fuck me please."

He shoved his hard dick inside my pussy and started fucking me like crazy, I started screaming cause it felt so good, it turned him on cause he started going faster, not really caring if I was hurting, that made me cum so many times just fucking with no regard of feelings.

"Im gonna cum inside your mouth and your gonna swallow it, get ready cause Im about to blow."

He shoved his dick in my mouth right when he was cummin, and my mouth filled up with his juices, I had no choice but to swallow it cause he covered up my mouth.

"Baby did you like that?"

"It was different."

Since then, we have tried so many new things, but nothing beats my time being his prisoner.

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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