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Wednesday, 31 May 2006
Sex With Strings Attached!! 5/31/2006

Now everyone likes kinky sex every once in awhile, but this one is crazy. I have been one the explore in the past and I love to try new things, it makes me feel complete. So I went over to sex my boy toy and he was like, "wanna try something new?"

"Sure whats up?"

"I got somthing that will make you think alot differently about sex, everything that you loved before you will hate and thing things you hated you will love, it makes you think about coming outside the box, are you game?"

"You know my motto, I am willing to try anything once, twice if I like it. So what is it?"

"I am gonna make love to yor mind, and then I am gonna fuck your body, and afterwards, I want you to hang from that."

I looked up and it was this swing that was attached to the cilling. It kind of looked like it was bungie cords attached to it.

"What the hell is that?!?!?!?! You want me to hang from that? You must be crazy!"

"No, it takes a special type of person to be able to open up and free your mind."

"Okay, if you think that it will help with me cummin, then I guess I can do that."

So first we started with some mediatation, which I thought was really weird. But then I started the shake and it felt like my whole body was being touched by a million fingers. I felt every brush of a hand and his hands were still on mines.

"Your ready, I can feel you."

"Yes Im.."

Before I could say anything, he grabbed me and started kissing me, it was insane, I could feel him all over me. I couldnt believe that he made me feel that good by doing nothing. I kept feeling him playing with my nipples and kissing me, but he wasnt doing any of that, it was like there was five people making love to me. Not a word was spoken but I felt what he was saying, I couldnt even moan, it was like my mouth was permantely closed, and I liked it. I felt myself cummin, and cummin. I think I came four times just back to back while he was making love to me and wanting me to do the one thing I never did, give up my heart. Then I felt his heartbeating, it was so fast, so electric. And then thats when he came.

"Did you feel me?"

"Yes, I did."

"Get ready cause its not over yet."

Then he put me in the swing and put on this soft relaxing music. I kept cummin, it was like I couldnt control myself, it was amazing.

"Are you there yet?"

I barely heard him, it was like I was completely centered.

"Yes I am."

Then he started sucking on my toes and thats when the big one came. When I came to, he had taken me out the swing and was looking at me with his big blue eyes.

"Do you see it now?"

I couldnt answer that question, I still cant, but for once he was right. For once I freed my mind

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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