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Friday, 2 June 2006
Give It To Me!!!! 6/2/2006

So today, I got off early and my boyfriend asked me to come and pick him up so that we could hang out and have fun. I am all of alot of fun. So I went to pick him and and we went back to my place.

"Baby I missed you sooo much, I've been thinking about all the things that we have been doing lately and you have me all twisted up, I was missing your smile, your touch, your kiss, your body. I just want you near me, I cant stand to think that I have to be without you for more than one hour in the day."

Now for most women, we would think that it was a load of crap, but I was really eating it up. Plus I wanted him, I needed him.

"Look hon., if this is some elaborate plot to get me to have sex with you, you already had me when you said hello, so I tell you what, come over here, unbuckle those pants, and lets have the time of our lives. "

"No its more than that, I need you with me. I need to feel you and I want you to feel me. I tell you what, if I can give you what you need right now, then marry me, I can make you happy forever."

"Okay deal"

So I began to unbuckle his pants, and I started to give him the most amazing blow job that he had ever had. That's when he took my waist and spinned me around to lay me on the bed.

"Baby I am gonna make you need me"

That when he lifted up my skirt and started to lick my clit. Not only lick it, but it was like he was inside of me. Touching my uttermost spots that no one had ever touch before. Then he stuck his toungue inside of me the twirled it inside of me. I went into a state of bliss. My toes were curling into the bed, my nails were in his back, and it was like I had lost control. Then he came up and kissed on my earlobs, and whispered in my ear,

"I want you to just sit there and do nothing, dont move, just let me do all the work and enjoy me. I love you"

"I love you, too."

It was getting so intense, I felt the tension, I felt the heat. He took his hand and wrap my hair in his hands, and started to pull. I had an instant organism. I could feel his heartbeat, it was so strong, so fast. He started going faster and faster, every stroke just more than the last. Feeling his hard penis bounce inside of me, it was so crazy. We never had sex like this before, I tried to participate, but everytime I did he would say,

" Baby just sit back and enjoy the ride, I want you to let me do all the work."

I kept cummin, it was like a fountain by this time, and for some odd reason he kept telling me he loved me. Then that's when it happened, after 3 long passionate hours of stroking and cummin for me, he whispered to me,

"Baby I am about to cum, just cum with me."

"Okay, whatever you want."

He exploded inside of me like a volcano, it was something else. At that moment, I knew that it wasnt just sex anymore, he really did want me, the weird part of it all was I wanted him too. He got down on his knee and said the words that I wasnt ready for before that day,

" You are the love of my life, the woman of my dreams, marry me and make me the happiest man alive."

Well of course my answer was yes, and I must say, the sex after that was better than that time, but thats another story from now:)

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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