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Sunday, 4 June 2006
Drunk Sex 6/4/2006
So last night, I was alittle messed up. I got some bad news ealier in the day and I called a friend to go out with me to get a drink or two. It turned out to be about 15 maybe 20 drinks and we still had to get home. So she drove me and on the way my boyfriend called.

"Hey baby, whats up? What have you been up to on your off day?"

"I've been out with a friend, drinking and having fun. Trying not to pass out."

"Are you too drunk to see me tonight?"

"Never too drunk to see you baby, I'll be by there in a few."

So she dropped me off at my house and I got in my car and drove to go pick him up and take him to my house.

"Wow, your fucked up, huh?"

"Yeah I guess I am, I drunk alittle too much and I feel alittle loopy. But Im good."

"So wanna watch a movie?"

"No, I dont."

"So what do you wanna do?"

"That doesnt take a genius to know that one. I want you to make love to me until the sun comes up"

He started slowly undressing me, slide off my dress and exposing my silky skin. He softly kissed my skin, paying attention to every inch of my body like he was studying for an exam on me. It was like my whole body was tingling and it felt amazing. I couldnt take it anymore, I pushed him on the bed and climbed on top of him. I slid my way onto him, hearing him moan with enjoyment. Beginning to ride him and make love to him. Wanting to ride until he came inside of me. But neither one of us could come. So, he flipped me on the bed and got on top. He loves to be in charge. I like it too. He was kissing my earlobes and my neck, loving the taste of me. I was screaming in excitement, screaming his name. Then after three hours, he couldnt take it anymore, he came inside of me. I felt him, it was so exciting, then he went down on me until I came hard. I came inside his mouth, he loved the taste of me, I loved when he swallowed.

Minutes later, I fell asleep in his arms, I was so comfortable. I woke up in his arms, him looking at me, smiling.

"You sleep as beautiful as you taste."

What could you possibly say to that?:)

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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