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Tuesday, 27 June 2006
Its Been A Long Time, So Something Good
Its Been A Long Time, Something Good 6/27/2006

I havent wrote in here in forever trying to do my webpage so I figured I would give ya'll something good so here it goes.

I went out this past weekend to celebrate with my friend, she made e5, its a military thing. So I am out with a bunch of military people. Of course I am drunk out of submission and I am getting horner by the minute. So I noticed that she invited Tony. Tony is a very distant memory. Someone I use to mess with about t5 months ago, yes he was a boy toy. We had a very good understanding that was you break me off when I need it, no questions, no answers. Just come in and get naked. We kind of broke things off, well at least I did, about maybe three months ago when I found Mike, who by the way was also at the party. So I am still drinking and I can barely stand now and it is coming very apparent that he is watching me and I am watching him.

He looks so darn good. That clean cut, blue eyes, thing that he does so well. What can I say I have a thing for blue eyed boys. So he comes over to me and we started dancing. I take my leg and place it on his shoulder, then he whipered to me, "Damn, I forgot that you were this flexible. I miss that. I couldnt find a girl like you after we broke up, I miss every part if you, the way you smell, the way you move and especially the way that you do this."

He started kissing me on the dance floor and of course Mike got really jealous. So Tony and I are making out and then I feel someone pulling me, I turn around only to see Mike standing behind me, he turns me completely around and starts to rub up and down my body. Feeling every curve, every move of the beat of me. Then he pushes me close to him and starts to kiss me. The thought of this only happened in my dreams, two guys fighting over me, it was so hott!!! So now they are pulling me back and forth, but I was really starting to get tired of this. So I got off the dance floor and went to the table with everyone else.

"Precious, what the hell was that?"

"I have no clue, I was out there dancing with Tony and then all of the sudden, Mike comes out there and he's putting his tongue down my throat."

We look over at the bar and she Tony and Mike talking. It was weird, They were actually mad that I wasnt going to pick one of them. Then they came back over to the table and it was weird that they came straight for me. Mike says,

"Precious, look, its something that we cant get over, choose one."

"Okay, fine, you want me to choose, I'll choose!"

I grabbed both of them and had this wild passionate three way kiss with them.  They were so into it. Like the choice was fine with them. It was fine with me cause now I had two boy toys on reserve.  After about 20 minutes of making out with both of them, of course separately now, Mike said that he as gonna leave. I got a text about 20 minutes later. It was from Mike.

"Precious, I want you tonight. Come over after your finished, I promise you wont regret it."

I was like right, like I am really gonna go over there. And of course I was still drinking, I needed a ride home. So I went over to Tony and I was like,

"Tony do you think that you can take me home tonight?"

"If thats what you want, I'll take you home."

So he drags me out the club, and were going back towards his house. I knew what time it was, we hadnt had sex in so long, I wonder if it was still good. I was about to find out though.

We get in front of his house and we just start going at it like crazy. He picks me up and carries me into his house. We get inside and he rips off my clothes and starts sucking my breast. I start stroking him, he was already huge and it was now known that it was about to be the best drunk sex ever.  We did a 69 and then he entered inside me with everything that he had. I felt every inch of him, it was amazing. I loved it. Well everything after that was somewhat a blur but I woke up and he took me home the next day. I didnt say much, he said everything. Of course after he made me breakfast in bed:).

He keeps calling me, I wont answer. I figure, I'll always see him thursday, its my birthday, . Later!!!

Posted by monique151802 at 3:15 AM EDT
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