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Wednesday, 24 May 2006
What I Want 5/24/2006

Okay dont talk, just come in the door. Take off your pants and get ready for the time of your life. Its night time and I need to have the best sex ever. Im naked and Im wet, I just someone to take care of me the way that I have been dreaming about for days. Lay on the bed, and close your eyes as I look at your beautiful dick waiting for me to slide on it. I lick you to let you know that I want you, bad. Slowly taking every bit of you inside my mouth until you feel my tonsils. Speeding up rapidly to let you know that tonight you are gonna cum more than you ever have before. I take my mouth off as I taste your precum in my mouth, of course you are as sweet as ever. Then I slowly put myself on the tip of your rock hard cock, just riding the tip watching your face expressions, has you grab my hips like you cant bare for me to continue, but continue I do. I slide down on your dick fastly listening to you moan and scream. "Say my name, now!" "Precious, I love you" "I dont want to hear that, I want to fuck you tonight."

You start pulsating inside of me, I feel you cause for once, we are having sex raw, and both of us are loving it. "I want you to cum inside of me, give me all that you got." And that you did, you exploded inside of me like it was the first time we ever had sex. You looked at me in amazement, and I looked at you with pleasure

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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Monday, 22 May 2006
Sex With A Deadly Weapon (Leaving You Wanting More) 5/22/2006
I was extremely horny today and I just had to do something to help myself out. I have always been one to have a strong sexual appetite and when I get I have to answer. So I was thinking about what it was that I could use to make myself alittle happier. So I went to take a nice warm shower. Now for all the women that know, I have a shower head that you can put on pulse. So I put it right at the edge of my clit so it could feel like someone was eating me out. After cummin about three times, I still wanted more, but the warm water was running out. So I got out the shower and went into the bedroom to pull out Mr. Greatness. That's what I called my vibrator. It was my best friend. So I positioned myself on the vibrator so that it was like someone was hittin me from the back. Feeling every bit of the vibrations hitting my walls, cummin over and over again. Feeling pure estasy. As I was taking the time to fuck the shit out of myself, I took my fingers and played with my nipples. They were so hard, and I was so turned on. I imagined a guy fucking me as I begged for him to stop. Knowning that I had to have more of him inside of me. Screaming to cum, hoping to get the one that would put me out for the night. As I began to feel like I couldnt take anymore, I let out the biggest scream, holding on the the bedsheets. Bitting my bottom lip. I felt it, coming down my leg, it was the best that I had ever given myself. As I started to come down off my high, I got a phone call, "Baby its me, can I come over to fuck you the way that only your man can?"

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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Saturday, 20 May 2006
My Fantasy 5/20/2006

You sit there looking at me like Im the most beautiful woman in the room. im the only woman you see in a crowd of millions. Then you come and hold me like you never want to let go. I begin to enjoy you, making sure that I rub up against you, trying to make you hard, the harder the better. I look back at you as you smile cause you know exactly what is on my mind. "Lets go."

I began to follow you to this room where I see nothing but a bed. "I want you right there, right now."

He rips my clothes off and starts sucking my nipples, making then so hard. I began to moan when you stick your tongue in my mouth. Then you start to slide your tongue down my neck, back to my nipples. "Baby please, I want you, please.

"Only when I say you can have me, until then enjoy."

You slowly start making a trail from the top of me to the bottom of me, my eyes began to roll. You pull down my skirt, and start to suck on my clit, playing with it with your tongue inside your mouth. I begin to shutter, and you start to go faster. Dipping your tongue inside me, like I was your personal ink. I grab the bed sheets, trying not the scream, cause with you scream only made it worse. At last, I began myself start to come, I start boncing up and down on your face, trying to let you know. Your too busy though, make my vagina your desert tray. Then I start cummin, all over your face, but as soon as I start to cum, you stick your big, hard cock inside of me. I started to moan your name and you started to tell me how much you loved me. It was the best ever, I felt like it was the best dream ever, only it wasnt a dream. Then you start yelling, "Im cumming baby."

I start to move my hips faster underneath you, but I couldnt help myself, I flipped you over so that you could cum upwards within me. It was so much, I felt every drop, but I kept riding you like I was on my favorite horse, watching you shake in amazement. "You know, you'll always be my girl, right?"

I smile as I respond, "I'll always be your number one fantasy baby.":)

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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Thursday, 18 May 2006
As If It Could Get Better 5/18/2006
So I was sitting at my job at the desk, just thinking about what you were doing, when I thought I felt you coming. But it was in my imagination, or was it. I looked up, and you were sitting there in you uniform, navy of course, with a beautiful set of a dozen of white rose. "Baby, I was just thinking about you, and I wanted to thank you for last night and the night before that and I wanted you to know that I cared about you. So what are you doing right now."

Of course all eyes were on me, and I loved every bit of it. "I thinking about taking a break with you, if thats okay."

"Sounds good to me, lets go I know this nice little quite spot that we can go to and eat and be alone."

"Sounds great, lets go."

The whole way there, I was letting you know how muh I appreciated the flowers by touching on every spot of your body, slowly kissing your ear lobes, kissing slowly on your neck. I wanted you and I couldnt wait to have you and to see what it was you had in stored for me. "Okay baby, we're here. But my one request is that you put on this blindfold and take my hand."

"Okay baby, if thats what you want."

So he put this silk blindfold on my eyes and lead me into this place that I knew we had never been before, it smelled different. So once you took off the blindfold I was amazed to see a room full of white roses, my favorite. I couldnt believe that you remember, my dream date. Above me was stars, and they were glowning amazily. "So is this everything that you wanted, I told them that I wanted us to be alone, not to be disturbed, that I would take care of your needs."

"Its everything that I dreamed of and then some, cause I am here with you.

I took him in my arms and started passionately kissing him, then I ripped off that uniform, I couldnt help myself, I wanted you, every piece of you. You ripped my uniform and bent me over the table, taking off my pants and slowly kissing me. You shoved your stiff, hard dick inside of me. I moaned in delite, I never had sex like this before. Then I looked up only to see one of the waiters looking at us, but I didnt care, I needed to make love to you, and you needed me too. You were thrusting so hard, making me cum hard all over you dick, but you still wanted me, and the waiter was still watching us. It brought excitement to the sex. I was stratching your back, you were loving it. Saying that you loved me as you were making love to me. Then I felt you for the first time, cum inside of me. It felt so good. You slowly came out of me, smiling in delite, and I knew that we both got what we wanted. That afternoon, I got my man, that afternoon, you got me, and he waiter got the show of his life.

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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Monday, 15 May 2006
On Ladies Night 5/15/2006

So my friends and I always have ladies night, a night just to go out, drink and have a great time. A time to go and possible get a new boy toy, but today was alittle different. Today I was in a bad mood and I really needed a great time. "Ladies, I need to get drunk, like out the ass drunk, ya'll got my back?"

"Of course, what are friends for?"

I shouldnt have believed them, before I knew it, I was so drunk, and every guy was looking very tasty. So I went out to the dance floor to break them off with a little piece of miss p. So I go out there and start dancing with this sexy ass mexican guy, before I knew it I felt his rock hard dick poking me on my back, and damn was I horny. For that night, I needed him, and he needed me.

Then he asked me the question that I was waiting on him to ask, "Wanna join me in the bathroom?"

"No I wanna be adventurous, lets have sex right here, right now, can you hold in your moans?"

"Anything for you sex momma."

I kept acting like I was dancing but I was slowly messaging his big ass dick, wondering if it was way too much for me, but there was no turning back now.

"Do you have a condom?"

"Can you put it on?"

"Of course, I trained for this."

I slowly took his condom from his hand and started unwrapping it with my hands. Then I saw the package, magnum, excellent! What I always wanted, first time in a club. I lifted up my skirt in the back and let him slide his dick inside of my tight walls. I had to hold back the yell that I wanted to let out, he was so too much, I never had it so big. Not to mention that his dick was moving up and down inside of me. He slowly moved back to the wall with his dick still inside of me. Finally I had to hold it down, I wanted this and I needed a quick fuck. So I pushed him the rest of the way into the wall and started bouncing on his dick, doggie style on the wall with me in control. I loved it!

"Damn mommie, u gonna make me cum."

"Thats the idea, right?

Everyone was looking at us but I didnt care, I wanted him. So I made it look like we were dancing. Until he lifted me up and started bouncing me up and down on his dick. Damn I could hold it anymore, and neither could he.

"Im cummin!!"

"Me too, keep fuckin me, fuck me hard! Fuck me baby!"

"Damn I cant hold it anymore, shit!"

Thats when it happened, he came and I came right there on the dance floor, cum was going down his leg and I was satisfied. I never had sex in a crowd before. He put me down and said, "Thanks for the dance"

"Anytime baby."

That was the last time I went there, but I'll always have my sexual dance.

Posted by monique151802 at 12:01 AM EDT
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