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Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Disappointment- Poem
Mood:  blue

Im a disappointment to you

Im sorry I let  you down

I thought that youd understand

But I fucked up for the first and last time

If your my soulmate, can you feel my pain

My new suicide attempt made me think you cant

No more cutting, just new ways to end the suffering

But the pain still remains

Cant you save me

Take me away in your arms

Be the light thats left in my soul

But you dont care enough

To finally make me whole

No kids, no love, no life, Im empty

Dying inside cause it'll never be

Posted by monique151802 at 3:12 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 29 July 2006 12:53 AM EDT

Poem- Death To You
Mood:  crushed out

I shouldve hated you

But I let my guard down

Only to have you hurt me

And refuse my personal style

You dont fuckin care

Why in the hell should I

You fuckin Bitch

I hope you fuckin die

Get outta my damn life

Take your bitch with you

you think I dont know

but obvisiously I do

You tried to blame me you little shit

I know all about you and that dumb bitch

did you think that I wouldnt find out

what the hell you were all about

I almost gave my life to you

you lying ass bitch, Im glad we're through

you dont fuckin deserve me, Im the real thing

I hope that you choke on your fuckin words

after all you see that I could be

I'll reject your fucked up calls and sorry ass sorries

Fuck yeah your sorry, ever since the say you were here

My new found anger is not attached to you

your still a little boy, I wouldve fucked you and been through

you think its fucked up do you?

well obvisiously I learned from you

now go fuck the next thing that moves

so they can say they have crabs like you!

Posted by monique151802 at 3:04 AM EDT

Mood:  lyrical

One of my new songs that I am working on:

Drowning you in a sea of blood

Would make my life complete

Its funny how shit happend

To make your soul incomplete

Fuck all your romance shit

I'll burry you with a smile

Death becomes you

If only for awhile


My fantasy was amazing

To kill you in my dreams

Touching your mind

Makes my soul complete


Damn its funny how love turns to hate

Of course I believe in destiny this is your fate

Turn around and take this shit

The knifes are in your back

Grinding them against your spine

Oh yeah that shit feels fine

Your falling away from me

Cruelity, dishonesty, fuck it, fuck you


My fantasy was amazing

To kill you in my dreams

Touching your mind

Makes my soul complete

Posted by monique151802 at 2:58 AM EDT

Bittersweet Memory- Song
Mood:  lyrical

This is one of my first songs and my favorite:

How can you say you love someone

When you dont know what love is

And how can you say its done

Then dont remember what you said

I cannot be your fixer

Im only your love and best friend


Its a bittersweet memory

Its a love thats not to last

In the beginning it was so purified

But at last that is the past

And all you brought me was your misery

Why did it go so fast?


When I cried at night for you do you remember what you said

You said you'd die for me but I died instead

When you told me your heart was for another

And she was in your bed


Its a bittersweet memory

Its a love thats not to last

Int the beginning it was so purified

But at last that is the past

And all you brought me was your misery

Why did it go so fast


I cant stand to live in your shadow

I cant stand to see your face

Your love was all a lie to me

So now let me be free



Posted by monique151802 at 2:51 AM EDT

Mood:  caffeinated

This is an old song that I cant really remember that well but whatever:

Hey there can you save me

Im hopeful that you'll say maybe

Cause Im feelin you right now

Ive had a crush on you for

Quite some time now

And I dont know what to do


Please turn around

Talk to me

Listen to me baby

Dont go to her

She doesnt like you

Like I do

Posted by monique151802 at 2:47 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 25 July 2006 2:50 AM EDT

Untitled-New Song
Mood:  crushed out

It was done in the beginning now its my past

Our love was vivid it was meant to last

Then you just left me you put me on hold

My heart was taken but your heart was cold


You just left me all alone

With no one left to hold

I thought you loved me

But your lies and deceit is killing me

Down, down inside my heart

It wasnt there now we must part

Now that everything is through

I'll do my best to just lose you


Deep in your heart you knew that I was cool

Running around I was just your fool

Now everything that you said was a lie

Now we must say our final goodbyes

Posted by monique151802 at 2:42 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 25 July 2006 2:47 AM EDT

Feelings, A new song
Mood:  blue

This is a song that I am working on so dont hate on it too much:

I cried in my bedroom of shame

I died when all I feel is pain

the nights that I traveled

The fears that I hide

What would you do

What would you say

To be filled inside


I cant tell you how I feel

When all I know is this feels so real

I cant tell you that I dont cry

Just to let you know, the pain I feel inside

Posted by monique151802 at 2:39 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 25 July 2006 2:42 AM EDT

The Guy In The Room
Mood:  flirty

Its funny, a thousand women in the room

But Im the one that you want to consume

You look at me with your beautiful eyes

I want you to be my guy

I want to touch you & there's electricity

You made it so I cant see

There's no one left in the room but you and me

A melting pot releasing sexuality

A kiss that we share it taste so sweet

Making me want to be your freak

If you only knew that your just a fling

There is only one true thing

That your body can do to me

Craving your body with every sight I see

Posted by monique151802 at 2:34 AM EDT

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