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Monique's Life

This Page Is For My Best Friend, She Was A Good Person

I am going to go into a detail of my friend. Her name was Rachel Radake. She was a very vivd person, she liked alot of things. She was a rap fan to the heart. She loved tupac. She use to say that she was going to marry him one day. We met in high school, freshman year. It was an instant connection. From day one, it was me, her and this girl named Destiny. Everyday, we would do things like play on the computer and bring breakfast to school and tease everyone else about not having what we had. We always use to share clothes. I called her my sister from another mother. Its weird, I really felt like we were sisters, we shared everything in common. So now, this page is for her. I will be posting her picture up her and more memories about her. So if you remember anything about her, just let me know and I'll post your comment up here.

Rachel Ann Radake
July 29, 1984
October 13, 2000

This is the poem they had at her wake:
I am home in heaven, dear ones
Oh, so happy and bright
There is perfect beauty and joy
In this everlasting light
All the pain and grief is over
Every restless tossing passed;
I am safely home in heaven at last
There is work still waiting for yuo
So you must not idly stand
Do it now, while life remaineth-
You shall rest in God's own land
When that work is completed
He will gently call you home
Oh the rapture of that meeting
Oh the joy to see you come!